A developer without an understanding of their environment is a carpenter without the knowledge of his workshop.

Some things you should know before coding are:

- PATH: What is it, how is it used, and how to modify it

- Linux: how to make a file executable

- Terminal: how to launch one on your OS with only your keyboard

Intro to Programming

Python: Intuitive Beginner-Friendly Language CS Circles: Learn Python Git: Version Control System (Code History) GitHub Desktop: GUI for git

Bleeding Edge Programming

V: A Very Promising Future Rust: A C++ pointer-free Alternative

C & C++

Although no great tutorials exist, C & C++ is essential to this day

Visual Studio: Windows C++ IDE and Compiler Clang: C & C++ Compiler GCC compiler for Windows Make for Windows GNU Core Utils for Windows

Full Stack

The best way to learn HTML & CSS is to build your own website and search on Google for help

Source code for this website (Flask, CSRF, HTML/CSS/JS)


With Flask, learn jinja2 templates, include, if, for, loop0.index, | functions

Flask Flask CSRF Protection

Web Development

Responsive Web Design The Checkbox Hack React (JSX): A JavaScript framework for creating complex UIs

Desktop Apps

If you want perfection, Tauri & React Template If you value performance and are advanced in C++, try QT (TODO) In a rush and know Python? Use PySimpleGUI

If you want to experiment and do something I don't know, try Vlang and React (TODO)

Mobile Development

React Native (TODO)

QT Quick (TODO)

Improving your Environment

An IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment (Code Editor), not relevent to know this though

Visual Studio Code: Multi-Purpose IDE IntelliJ: Multi-Purpose IDE IntelliJ Python Plugin IntelliJ Atom OneDark Theme Windows Terminal

Must Have Software

7-Zip: File Archiver and Extracter qBittorrent: BitTorrent Client qBittorent Dracula Dark Theme Music Caster: A kickass music player for Windows & Linux Etcher: Burn ISO files to USB EarTrumpet: Windows Volume Controller QuickLook: Preview Files With Spacebar Ditto: Clipboard Manager Google Search & Drive Dark Theme KeepassXC: offline password manager KeePass compatible Android app

Specific-Usecase Software & Websites

Keytweak: Rebind keys FFmpeg for Windows (latest commit, GPL, shared) send.fdab: Simple file sharing Hugo: Blogging made easier Taskbar X: Better Taskbar for Windows 10 MiniTool Partition Wizard: Fix or Move Internal or External Partitions Mirror Android device to PC Barrier: Controll all devices with on mouse/keyboard
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